Diamonds on Rodeo
Acquired : 2004
Activities : High jewelry collection, large diamonds and precious stones
Parent Company : Finlay Enterprises
Stockists : 1 location
Origin : Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA

Diamonds on Rodeo is the privately held precious and semi-precious wholesale operation of Finlay Enterprises and Vin Lee Jewelers. It has been capitalized with almost 100,000 carats of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and many others. Vin Lee Jewelers sources inventory from struggling or bankrupt wholesale, retail, and manufacturing jewelers across North America. It is the sister company of Ephraim Brasher, Grand Metropolitan’s precious metals brand and Missirs, the organization responsible for pearl and opal inventories. Inventories were originally created from transactions with ThaiStone London, American Jeweler Manufacturers, Wisconstone Ltd., and others since Vin Lee’s first purchase of DuQuet Jewelers in 1992.

The Diamond Standard, a privately held Beverly Hills based diamond brokerage servicing over 2,800 retail, wholesale and manufacturing jewelers in North America has split into three separate divisions establishing branding for each. In 2009, Sarasota Sterling abandoned it’s separate offices and retail expansion plans to be completely integrated into Grand Metropolitan. Ziaris (precious stones) TDSNA (diamonds) and Sarasota Sterling (precious metals) will still maintain the same confidential showroom and safehouse inventory facilities in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, and Sarasota, FL along with it’s customer base.

All three jewelry operations while maintaining separate brand management will continue to service all of Finlay Enterprises’ brick and mortar and online retail operations as well as our designer brands and Grand Metropolitan’s partial ownership in local and regional jewelers across North America through it’s Luxury Stores Investment division.

Vertical integration is a key component to success in the jewelry industry. While Vin Lee Jewelers has been featured along side Harry Winston and worn by celebrities, dignitaries and even royalty, many of the brands within Finlay Enterprises cater to a broader audience. Starting with the acquisition of American Jewelry Manufacturers in the early 90s, the Group became the jeweler’s jeweler, providing precious metal and gemstone inventory, manufacturing, and design work for other retail and wholesaler operations.

In 2010, Diamonds on Rodeo was absorbed by other assets of the Fine Jewelry Group. Ephraim Brasher (goldsmith) and Robert Roskells (silversmith) manage precious metals for the organizations 30 retail chains representing over 5,000 wholesale and retail locations. DuQuets, once one of the most significant Bernd Munsteiner importers and designers for North America now handles the diamond and gemstone assets for the firm. Famed Beverly Hills jeweler Missirs is responsible for brokering and trading in the groups pearl and opal assets.

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