Diamanell Jewelers
Heilig-Meyers Inc.
Founded : 1998
Activities : Wholesale collection, jewelry collection, semi-precious stones and diamond melee
Parent Company : Finlay Enterprises
Stockists : 1,250 locations
Origin : 12560 West Creek Parkway, Richmond, VA, 23238-1110

Heilig-Meyers was selling not only furniture and accessories, but also bedding, small appliances, consumer electronics, jewelry, and seasonal goods. An important source of income was in-house credit. About 80 percent of its sales had been made on credit, principally through installment sales. It also offered insurance with its credit sales.

During 1995 about 59 percent of Heilig-Meyers’ sales were derived from furniture and accessories; 12 percent from jewelry, small appliances, seasonal goods, and miscellaneous items; 11 percent from consumer electronics; 10 percent from bedding; and 8 percent from appliances. These percentages had not varied significantly over the past three fiscal years. This mix of finance and merchandise also made Heilig-Meyers into one of the largest jewelers in North America only paces behind Zales, Service Merchandise, and Finlay Enterprises.

Today, Diamanell Jewelers is part of Grand Metropolitan’s Finlay Fine Jewelry Group specializing in diamond melee jewelry and loose inventory.

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