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The Carlos Murphy Story

From 1972-1974 Carlos Murphy's consisted of 2 restaurants for the company. By 1975 It was running the highest grossing, most profitable restaurant brand and more importantly a centralized management training program for the 30-unit chain. They implemented a standardized 12 week program that systematically taught the fundamentals of operations, finance, marketing, legal, personnel, and the principles of delivering consistent quality operations to produce exceptional guest satisfaction.
In 1977 the Northern California operating division grew from 12 to 21 restaurants including seven units from the primary growth vehicle for the company, the Carlos Murphy’s casual dining concept with a 100 item menu and a heavy bar component. A Carlos Murphy’s restaurant would serve as many as 1000 meals a day, employed 80-100 people and had one of the industries highest quality operations where all of the products were produced in-house. In the early 80’s these concepts averaged over $2M annually, equal in today’s dollars to almost $6.0M.
Creating a half a billion dollar a year brand value in North America...
In 1984 the 20 Carlos Murphy’s Restaurants were combined into one company, wholly owned by Paragon Restaurants, with a home office in San Diego.
By 1991 Carlos Murphy’s engineered the purchase Garcia’s of Scottsdale, The Famous Fish Company and Casa Lupita’s restaurants, lifting its total to 70 restaurants in 17 states with 4200 restaurant employees, 240 management and 35 executive staff and support personnel.
Today, the companies signature products are offered through grocery and convenient store distributors.  In addition, Carlos Murphy's is reintroducing it's menu offerings through investment in localized ghost kitchens.