St. Aubin du Cormier Vin & Spirit
Founded : 1480
Activities : Luxury bottle service liquor
Stockists : International
Origin : Rue de la Bouexière,
Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, Brittany, France

The Cormier Family traces it’s roots back to Champagne, France. The name Cormier is actually derived from the Old French word corme, which referred to the fruit of the sorb or service tree. It was given to someone who lived near such a tree or who sold it’s fruit at the market. The Cormier Family was first found in Brittany in de Chambray, where they were anciently seated. A dispute arose between the Kings of England and the Kings of France for absolute rule over Brittany that lasted between two and three centuries. The Cormier Family was raised to the peerage as Lords of Brittany in 1480.

The Battle of Saint Aubin du Cormier was the decisive conflict of the guerre folle between rebellious feudal aristocrats and the French king. The rebels sought to resist the concentration of power in Paris and retain regional feudal independance. The combined rebel forces were defeated, paving the way for the creation of a unified French state.

Today, descendants of the Cormier Family assemble and bottle one of the finest collections of spirits from around the world. Since 2000, Saint Aubin du Cormier Vin & Spirit has been part of The Grand Metropolitan Companies.

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