The Beverly Hills Cigar Club
Acquired : 2000
Activities : Private membership club
Parent Company : Grand Metropolitan’s IMASCO ltd.
Origin : Beverly Hills, CA

The Beverly Hills Cigar Club is the crown jewel of Grand Metropolitan’s IMASCO subsidiary. It has been at the forefront of the private club initiative since the turn of the century. The focus of its almost 100 social clubs and 26,000 members including our Las Vegas associates, is for responsible enjoyment in licensed and sanctioned facilities.

IMASCO Ltd. was formed to hold Grand Metropolitan’s liquor and tobacco assets. The group is the largest of it’s kind in the world. St. Aubin du Cormier Vin & Spirit is the Groups liquor collection available only at select private clubs and events. United Cigar Stores was the largest chain of cigar stores in the United States. United Cigar Stores is the e-commerce subsidiary of IMASCO Ltd. which services over 1,500 tobacconists both wholesale and retail and direct to American clients.

The company also operates the largest network of social clubs, most notably The Beverly Hills Cigar Club, rated Top 5 Private Memberships by Playboy Magazine and home to LOUIXS, the Bugatti Veyron of the cigar industry. In early 2006, Grand Metropolitan added iHumidor, part of a $30 million portfolio, to its operations. Assets also include Cigar Club News, Cigar Registry, and Cigar Finder as consumers are relying more on technology to improve their experience. Portfolio brands in both retail and social clubs participate in most of the top 100 markets in the world including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, London, and Dubai.

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