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White Corn Tortilla Chips

Not all Carlos Murphy's® Signature Salsa Flavors are available at all locations.  Subject to participation.  Please ask your local grocer or retail merchant to order your favorites or have them delivered directly to your home by ordering online.  Don't forget the Carlos Murphy's® Signature Salsa!


Carlos Murphy's® White Corn Tortilla Chips

Just like the crunchy perfection of tortilla chips brought to your table at your favorite Carlos Murphy's® Mexican Cantina, the authentic flavor of our tortilla chips starts with high-quality, stone-ground corn. Just add Carlos Murphy's® salsa or guacamole on the side for a party snack that can't be beat.

The Big Dipper!

A much hardier chip, Carlos Murphy's® White Corn Tortilla Chip is thicker and has a grainier texture. They also have a stronger corn flavor and less of an oily finish. If you like tortilla chips with a stronger presence, these will stand up to anything you throw on them—and they'll taste good doing it.  Perfect when paired with our signature Carlos Murphy's® Signature Margaritas and Nacho Seasonings.

Your Choice Chip!

Tortilla chips and dip are a classic pairing that can satisfy the craving for a salty, crunchy snack. The primary ingredient in most tortilla chips is corn, and you’ll find varieties made from white, yellow, and blue corn. Snack aisles are also packed with multi-grain, grain-free, and flavored tortilla chip options. So, how do you know which chip reigns supreme?

You’ll want to consider the flavor, texture, and shape of the chip for your snacking needs. The best tortilla chips are evenly but not overly salted, neither too dry nor too greasy, fresh-tasting, and sturdy enough to support a good dollop of guacamole or seven-layer dip. Whether you enjoy them piled high and heaped with all the fixings for Carlos Murphy's® Nachos dunked into a side of Carlos Murphy's® salsa, or straight out of the bag