Grand Metropolitan and Vin Lee Jewelers have been rooted in the diamond and jewelry business since inception. The Diamond Standard, one of Grand Metropolitan’s largest divisions, and VLJ have been associated in over $750 million in transactions over 50 years. Throughout this time the companies have been engaged in purchasing and acquiring inventories, brands, and operations from jewelers, wholesalers, producers, and manufacturers all over the world.

DuQuet Jewelers specialized in creating one of a kind works of art for Detroit's elite. Often engaging the creations of "the Picasso of gems," world renowned Bernd Munsteiner and casting them in platinum or 18K gold and adorning them with diamonds. Several times a year black tie events showing off the new seasonal collections were held at such prominent locations as the Dodge Brother's Meadow Brook Estate, Albert Kahn's Cranbrook House and Gardens, and even aboard the legendary Star of Detroit Cruise Liner. In attendance were some of Detroit's most prominent names mingling with beautiful women dripping in Vin Lee's DuQuet Jewelers latest creations.

Vertical integration is a key component to success in the jewelry industry. While Vin Lee Jewelers has been featured along side Harry Winston and worn by celebrities, dignitaries and even royalty, many of the brands within The Grand Metropolitan Jewelry Group cater to a broader audience. Starting with the acquisition of American Jewelry Manufacturers in the early 90s, the Group became the jewelers jeweler, providing precious metal and gemstone inventory, manufacturing, and design work for other retail and wholesaler operations. Other transactions including Wisconstone, Thai London Gems, Sarasota Sterling have laid the ground work for reaching in to the middle and mainstream jewelry markets.

Since 2000, Vin Lee Jewelers and The Grand Metropolitan Companies have also acquired the following brands in the jewelry, diamond, and fashion industries: Ceylats, Henricks, Matsuda, Wicked Woodies, Zemils, and Ziaris.  

Ceylats Joaillerie
Diamond Standard
DuQuet Jewelers
Henricks Jewelers
Sarasota Sterling
ThaiStone London
Vin Lee Jewelers
Wicked Woodies
Zemil Jewelers

The Coolidge Inn
Drink Intelligently
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Goldwin Tobacco Company
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The Beverly Hills Cigar Club
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