VIN Grand Metropolitan Gifting Salon

The Grand Metropolitan Companies work with many entertainment industry leaders promoting our brands through various music and film events around the globe. Originally working with GBK Productions, one of the leading event and fund raising organizations with clients such as ABC, NBC, American Music Awards, MTV, and Paramount Pictures, Grand Metropolitan was able to gain A list access to the world. The Cannes Film Festival is a vital part of that world.

The VIN Grand Metropolitan Gifting Salon was conceptualized as a 10,000sf facility on the beach. This would be the primary location for celebrities and film executives to marshall while waiting for press events, interviews, and film screenings. Chauferred golf carts would then deliver the VIP to the respective event.

“The Festival is an apolitical no-man’s-land, a microcosm of what the world would be like if people could contact each other directly and speak the same language.” Jean Cocteau

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