Prestige Magazine

In late 2008, celebrity stylist Pegah Sasani contacted Grand Metropolitan Chairman/CEO and personal friend Vin Lee and requested $3 million in diamond jewelry for a photoshoot, Prestige Magazines New Years Eve Party Edition to be shot in a Los Angeles loft. The lifestyle magazine of choice for the affluent and influential, Prestige, is packed full of useful, relevant material that enriches, informs and entertains.

Each month, Prestige readers enjoy a rich feast of intelligent reading and spectacular photography on subjects as varied as local society, business titans, international news and entertainment, fashion, travel and high-end gadgets and diversions. The favourite magazine of a discerning high-end demographic, Prestige is a celebration of the very best in life!

Grand Metropolitan Companies were featured in two 16-pages photospreads distributed globally. The opportunity to work with cover girl model Donna Feldman inspired Grand Metropolitan to debut it’s line of haute couture shoes under the House of Orcofi banner. Vin Lee commissioned the Los Angeles shoe atelier responsible for all of the Chanel work in Southern CA to create a dozen pair for Orcofi.

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