Goldwin Tobacco
Founded : 2000
Activities : Wholesale tobacco, retail cigars, accessories
Parent Company : IMASCO Ltd.
Stockists : 1,500 locations
Origin : Beverly Hills, CA

“The Bugatti Veyron of the cigar industry.”

The Goldwin Tobacco Company produces, retails and wholesales fine tobacco around the world. The creation of the Goldwin product line, came from Grand Metropolitan Chairman/CEO Vin Lee’s personal blend. For many years, Lee had fine luxury cigars created for his own personal use and as gifts for family, friends, and associates. This blend was complimented so often, he capitalized on the suggestion to bring it to market.

The company’s flagship product is the LOUIXS cigar. Fit for a king, the LOUIXS is a luxury cigar carefully hand-rolled in rare Rosado leaf, by fifth generation tobacconists. Louix XIV would have been proud.

Today, the Goldwin Tobacco Company works directly with its wholesaler Don Michael, Sarasota, Florida, to bring cigars to tobacconists and aficionados all through North America. Since 2000, Goldwin has been a part of Grand Metropolitan’s tobacco operations. Its products are sold at the Beverly Hills Cigar Club as well as by 100 other private cigar clubs in North America and tobacconists worldwide. As a boutique firm, Goldwin Tobacco production is limited to only 300,000 sticks of the LOUIXS and 500,000 sticks of Goldwin’s namesake Golconda cigar.

For true cigar aficionados, even the casual ones, a cigar is never just a cigar. A cigar is a ceremonial event, coronation time to mark a special occasion. The occasion need not be more than your own private celebration. The experience of that hand-leafed cigar is an event in itself.

But if you have one of those events, when you want to bring out one of the finest cigars in the world, you might want to have at your finger tips a Louixs, at $100 a stick, the most expensive cigar ever created. Louixs combines all the elements of ultimate cigar manufacturing. Grown from Cuban tobacco seed, they are hand-leafed by master tobacconists in a Rosado wrapper, a rare tobacco leaf found only in a few, strictly controlled tobacco growing regions deep in Nicaragua .

Louixs is a luxury cigar, the kind of celebratory cigars kept in a humidor and taken out for very momentous occasions – like the birth of a child, a special birthday or a special anniversary. But perfect, also, for an ultimate before dinner or after dinner smoke. Louixs really are the ultimate gift for the cigar lover, the kind of cigar a tobacconist recommends when a customer walks in and says, “I want the best cigar you have in the house.

The Louixs is special because every part of the manufacturing process is managed by master tobacconists who understand this cigar is the very best: native Cuban torcedores (rollers) handleaf each one; native Cuban catadores (taste testers) check every batch; veteran revisadores (inspectors) monitor every aspect of the production. Louixs are 6 in., 60 gauge cigars, delivering a potent, relaxing 2 hour long experience.

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