Sarasota Sterling

Sarasota Sterling
Finlay Fine Jewelers
Founded : 2003
Activities : Wholesale silver collection, silver jewelry collection, high jewelry silver collection, silver timepieces
Parent Company : Finlay Enterprises
Stockists : 128
Origin : Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota Sterling is the privately held precious metals wholesale operation of Grand Metropolitan and Vin Lee Jewelers. It has been capitalized with almost $5 million in finished goods. Sarasota Sterling sources inventory from struggling or bankrupt wholesale, retail, and manufacturing jewelers across North America. It is the sister company of Ziaris, Grand Metropolitan’s precious and semi precious gemstone brand once part of The Diamond Standard.

Vertical integration is a key component to success in the jewelry industry. While Vin Lee Jewelers has been featured along side Harry Winston and worn by celebrities, dignitaries and even royalty, many of the brands within Finlay Enterprises cater to a broader audience. Starting with the acquisition of American Jewelry Manufacturers in the early 90s, the Group became the jeweler’s jeweler, providing precious metal and gemstone inventory, manufacturing, and design work for other retail and wholesaler operations.

In 2011, Sarasota Sterling and Ziaris were absorbed by other assets of the Fine Jewelry Group. Ephraim Brasher (goldsmith) and Robert Roskells (silversmith) manage precious metals for the organizations 30 retail chains representing over 5,000 wholesale and retail locations. DuQuets, once one of the most significant Bernd Munsteiner importers and designers for North America now handles the diamond and gemstone assets for the firm. Famed Beverly Hills jeweler Missirs is responsible for brokering and trading in the groups pearl and opal assets.

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