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Eva Fairchild of Snell Real Estate Mentioned in Q&A with Vin Lee, CEO of Grand Metropolitan, Luxury Goods Conglomerate

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CABO, MEXICO – Eva Fairchild of Snell Real Estate was mentioned in a recent interview published by Hollywood Weekly with Vin Lee, Chairman and CEO of Grand Metropolitan, a $7 billion, 120 brand global luxury portfolio that includes Department Store Bonwit Teller & Co., Finlay Enterprises (Diamond rings and Fine Jewelry), Heilig-Meyers (Home Furnishings), IMASCO (Cigars/Spirts) Orcofi (Haute Couture, notably fragrance, men and women’s shoes), Handleman (Rackjobbing), the Bohle Company (Public Relations), Caesar Golf, and much more.

HW: Your colleagues define you as “Elegance Personified,” “Trend Savvy” and Eva Fairchild describes you as a shining example of what “Luxury” is all about. How would you describe your personality and who influenced your sense of taste and style?

Lee: Those are kind and generous compliments. Ms. Fairchild was very gracious for that endorsement.  She has been a prominent influence throughout the West Coast from Malibu to Southern Baja, Mexico.  Ms. Fairchild works with the NFL and NBA as a private exclusive real estate agent for retired and active athletes and for various charities.

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