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Ten Champagne and Cigar Pairings for the Holiday Season

by Tom Johansmeyer

Nothing compares to the perfect pairing of champagne and a cigar. Too often, cigars wind up with dark liquors, their natural partners. Rum, port, scotch and cognac are the norm for an after-dinner smoke — not champagne. With the holiday season coming, of course, the preferred beverage will likely bubble, so finding the right cigars for the top libation will be crucial.


Fortunately, Vin Lee, CEO of the Beverly Hills Cigar Club, has agreed to help us out. As you prepare for the new year, take a look at the cigar and champagne pairings that he recommends, with both ubiquitous and rare products on the list. Lee says, “In this day and age, not everyone can afford a $50 cigar and a $300 bottle of champagne,” said Lee. “Complementing a wonderful glass of champagne with a great cigar for the holidays is something everyone should be able to enjoy.”


Grand Metropolitan and The Bohle Company use traditional, viral, and social media in their public relations and marketing campaigns to promote the family of luxury goods. The Top 10 Champagne/Cigar Pairings Campaign was offered as a first break piece to Tom Johansmeyer at, AOLs luxury lifestyle site. It achieved global response with hundreds of clips from both traditional and online publications.

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