Since the beginning of this century, the House of Horace has been quietly creating unique offerings in the fields of fragrance, cosmetics, shoes, leather and accessories. Inspired by the works of Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Dior, the Horace designers sketched in charcoal on butcher block paper a fantastic new line of shoes. While setting up line production, the sketches were shown to several industry professionals. One day, Vin Lee, Chairman/CEO of Grand Metropolitan, was walking by a shop on Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, and spotted his design in a new shoe line created by one of the top haute couture houses in France. Lee immediately shut down production.

In 2008, Grand Metropolitan’s House of Horace designers created still another innovation. Prompted by an offer for a photo layout for the December 2008 Prestige Magazine, Horace engaged a Los Angeles based shoe facility handling work for Chanel to produce a dozen haute couture designs around a new concept called the STRAPHIMON shoe. A dozen pair were created for the Los Angeles loft New Years Eve themed photo shoot, this time packed in a leather satchel and kept under lock and key to ensure Horace would be the first to unveil the revolutionary new design.

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