Goldwin Tobacco's sister company The Beverly Hills Cigar Club, has offered to pay the $100 fine, if the basketball legend wants another smoke during the President’s Cup golf matches, which start today in San Francisco. The NBA legend, also a low handicap golfer, was photographed smoking during a practice round Thursday at Harding Park, a public course. San Francisco bans smoking on any property belonging to the city. Jordan, honorary assistant captain for the PGA event, was told to stop smoking his cigar or be fined.

“Smoking a fine cigar in the open air landscape of a golf course should be a basic right,” says BHCC CEO Vin Lee. “If Jordan wants to enjoy another round with a great cigar, we’ll pay the fine. In fact, we’ll give him a box of Louixs, our finest Rosado blend, or his favorite cigar, and pick up the tab.”

We have been featured in 100s of publications around the globe. Goldwin Tobacco is a boutique cigar manufacturer based out of Grand Metropolitan's Beverly Hills headquarters with operations in manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, and marketing of fine tobacco products around the world. The flagship brand LOUIXS has been dubbed “The Bugatti Veyron of the Cigar World”.

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