The Goldwin Tobacco Company produces, retails and wholesales fine tobacco around the world. The creation of the Goldwin product line, came from Grand Metropolitan Chairman/CEO Vin Lee's personal blend, Lee had fine luxury cigars created for years for his own personal use and as gifts for family, friends, and associates. This blend was complimented so often, he capitalized on the suggestion to bring it to market.

The company’s flagship product in Goldwin's line is the LOUIXS cigar. Fit for a king, the LOUIXS is a luxury cigar carefully hand-rolled in rare Rosado leaf, by fifth generation tobacconists. It has been recently touted as the Bugatti Veyron of the Cigar World.

Today, the Goldwin Tobacco Company works directly with its wholesaler Don Michael, Sarasota, Florida, to bring cigars to tobacconists and aficionados all through North America. Since 2000, Goldwin has been a part of Grand Metropolitan's tobacco operations. Its products are available through GM’s Beverly Hills Cigar Club as well as by 16 other private social clubs in North America and thousands of tobacconists worldwide. The Beverly Hills Cigar Club was recently named Top 5 Private Clubs by Playboy Magazine.

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