Dalgety PLC is a food and beverages company based out of Lisbon, Portugal with offices and interests internationally. The company markets services and products to clients in the Middle East & North Africa region. This Region covers the following countries: Barhain, Saudi, Uae, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. In addition, Dalgety owns the Pushkin brand of caviar sold and marketed worldwide. IMASCO Ltd., the companies tobacco operation includes the wholesale, retail, and manufacture of cigars.

Dalgety’s commitment to agriculture continues to be second to none, this is manifested through its significant investment in both assets and people. We are the quality link with the food chain and as the leading independent merchant in the UK, we are totally focused on the development of solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Dalgety Arable provides one in four British farms with certified seed and inputs, making 150,000 agrochemical deliveries annually and supplying 900,000 tonnes of fertiliser. In addition, Dalgety crop marketing specialists handle 25% of the available ex-farm grain, resulting in nearly 750 lorry loads moving off farm every working day of the year.

In short, Dalgety provides seed, other inputs, agronomy advice and crop marketing skills to over half Britain’s arable farmers, and is by far the largest supplier of herbage seed mixtures, maize and grassland fertiliser to the livestock sector.Leaders in quality and safety, over the last three years Dalgety has invested over �million on renewing and upgrading its national network of seed processing plants. The company now has the most advanced seed processing plants in the UK, and operates seven of the 15 top static plants. It has invested �million on developing chemical storage and nationwide dispatch facilities, and over �million a year on agronomy trials and variety testing, and driving forward satellite-linked precision farming methods.

All this is achieved through Dalgety’s close working relationship with international plant breeders and agrochemical and fertiliser manufacturers. Dalgety specialists work constantly with end-users to find novel uses for new and established varieties – bringing the benefits of buy-back contracts to growers. Dalgety’s recent introduction of crop revenue insurance is a European first and has attracted the attention of the European Commission as well as farmers.

Trials are conducted from Dalgety’s Throws Farm and at ninety regional trial centres across the country. These regional trials ensure local advice is influenced by local practice, not just the national picture, and each year 20,000 farmers visit Dalgety Farming Futures events at their local trial centres to discuss new techniques and variety developments.

Nationally, Dalgety employs over 600 dedicated staff at five business unit centres and 18 local offices. Each one has a single aim – to provide the highest quality service to arable and forage producers in their region, at a competitive price. They are totally committed to the improvement of arable and grassland production in this country, and to Dalgety’s mission to add value locally in a global environment.

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