In the 1980s, Cinemagic Marquee was working on a multitude of projects within the entertainment industry. With the advent of the VCR, video stores were expanding at an exponential rate. Blockbuster Entertainment, the largest of the chains was in the midst of an industry rollup. It was opening a new location every 18 hours. Competition for the consumers attention was intense as everyone flooded the video stores to rent their favorite movies. Cinemagic Marquee created, innovated, and improved upon many of the in-store marketing tools engaged by the video industry throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Many of the industry leaders including the studios, video distributors and of course the snack and beverage companies needed an edge to capture the attention of this captive audience. Cinemagic Marquee was there in the forefront, working directly with the clients on the store floors. We created the private label popcorn campaigns for the video store industry.

Our patented trilon rotating signs were the core of our business that has exploded across the planet on the sides of trucks, buildings, and bus and airport terminals. Used initially as a poster display for the movie industry, the back lit rotating movie images attract attention and catch the eye of the target audience. Cinemagic Marquees venues include Casinos, Hotels, Shopping Malls, and theme parks. The patents and technology of our trilon signs helped to create the $6 billion animated billboard industry.

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