Casino Royale: James Bond 21

The Bohle Company pitched Grand Metropolitan about the possibility of introducing Vin Lee Jewelers’ Tennis Earring to the global market in a product placement opportunity with the new James Bond film. Casino Royale was produced by EON Productions for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures, marking the first official Bond film to be co-produced by the latter studio, which had produced and originally distributed the 1967 non-canonical film version.

Grand Metropolitan’s colleagues had already contracted EON Productions with Sol Kerzner’s Bahamiam Resort, The Atlantis for several of the films locations and scenes.

Product Placement in film and television is vital to the Groups marketing campaigns. Periodic discussions with stylists as well as professional organizations like industry leaders Norman Marshall and UPP, keep Grand Metropolitan executives as well as The Bohle Company on the pulse of the film industry.

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